The west China international information network center, set the Chinese authorities sodium sulfide and sodium sulfate equipment engineering design, method processing, manufacturing,installation, commissioning ,staff training level high-tech professionals in one body. It is the only one have hire of work in the international project contracting method of sodium sulfide and sodium sulfate professional company web site. Preregistered China www.chinana2s.com on the international top level domain, and get domain name ownership, the website has strong advertising radiation. It is open to the world and have provided technical services and engineering method and installation for 28 factory of sodium sulfide and sodium sulfate in China, Mongolia Iran kazakhstan and other countries and other area. Own the information on product of sodium product and equipment patent technology, brought together all the world the method manufacturers mineral resources. It can not only for the domestic and foreign general users with the method of sodium products, also can provide technical cooperation and the legal consultation, and other services. July 28, 1996 organized and convened a meeting the first “ sodium sulfide in China market dynamic conference”. Two times released “Sulfur sodium in China market dynamic analysis reports” for the 72 manufacturers in China. In order to stabilize sodium sulfide prices in China, improve international market share, and promote the healthy development of sodium sulfide industry of China play a certain role .In October 1, 2005 to June 2011 invited by “BATTO FLYING LIMITED MONGOLIA” led the expert group three people to Mongolia three times for the possibility of investigation and study the sodium sulfide factory. And to the sodium sulfate ore, Coal mine, EErDeng Copper mine full market research and field investigation in MONGOLIA.

We have finished design for 2 factories yearly capacity 15 thousand tons of sodium sulfide and 2 factories yearly capacity 100 thousand tons of sodium sulfate. One of the factory of sodium sulfide and one of the factory of sodium sulfate are being building.

Became the first design and installation service unit for the chemical plant in the history MONGOLIA. Meanwhile, provided related technical suppot and service for Iran,kazakhstan,Pakistan etc.other country. The technological process for sodium sulfide and sodium sulfate which we designed are the most advanced and the equipment cost are the lowest possible price in China. We deeply domestic and foreign general customers favour. Welcome the domestic and foreign users letter calls come to negotiate the business.

West China International Sodium Sulfide Information Network Center
West China Global E-Trading Center
HEAD OFFICE: Yongjin East St, Dengkou County, Inner Mongolia, China
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